I was born in Baltimore, Maryland October 17th, 1982.

I love the city – the smells, the people, and the vitality.  The pace of life on the East coast is hard to replicate, it definitely shapes who people are on a basic level.  I wouldn’t say I am a typical East-coaster, but I have it in my blood.  It makes people get in a big hurry if they aren’t careful.

I attended Auburn University in the heart of the deep South, where I graduated in 2005.  While at Auburn, I played four years of lacrosse and was active on campus in freshman orientation and student advising while tending bar at night.  I swell with pride whenever Auburn is brought up,especially during football season.  I love my alma mater more than most, it borders on obnoxious.  Actually it can be downright annoying, but I suppose that is true pride: knowing that you are this ridiculous and not caring.  War Eagle.

I packed everything I owned and moved to Ketchum, Idaho shortly after graduating college and taking my LSATs.  Somewhere between the record snow fall that year and the 130+ ski days, the idea of law school lost its appeal.  I was lucky enough to ski with some talented people who showed me the difference between vacation-skiers and locals.  Chris Tatsuno is primarily responsible for the direction my life has gone in the last few years.  His answer to nearly every question I had that first season was, “Yeah, just go faster!”.  It’s true, thanks buddy.

Since then, I have been living a charmed life.  I spent three summers working for Mountain Adventure Tours as a camp counselor.  MAT is a unique summer camp that offers kids from 4-14 structureless structure in the Idaho wilderness.  I don’t think I will ever have more fun everyday than I have the past three summers, for which the credit goes to Mat Gershater and Joelle O’Connor.

Thanks to my generous sponsors and lady luck, I am privileged enough to travel during the winter in search of snow, world class competitions, photo, and film opportunities and the camaraderie of amazing friends.   You can think of it as simply the best way to spend a winter.  It won’t last forever, but I am doing my best to enjoy the ride while I can.