It’s April.  Things are warming up and the ski season is winding down, or so we all thought.  Memories of last year’s monstrous month of April have taunted the loyal folks dying for some fresh storms in what has been a lackluster season.  Splitting storms and odd cycles have left much to be desired by the spoiled skiers in Little Cottonwood.  I myself was even beginning to give up and shift focus towards warm weather activities.

Despite my lack of faith, Mother Nature came through in spades over the last two days.  Several feet of snow transformed the inbounds skiing of Snowbird and Alta from sun-baked and refrozen garbage into a pillowy powder paradise.  Early mornings, effective timing, and dumb luck yielded ridiculously deep skiing in places yet untracked this season for me.  Staring down the steep tree-lined pillow field, I found myself glowing with an excitement that is hard to explain and even harder to replicate outside of those woods.  Thankfully, my Smith I/O goggle lenses (at, shameless!) are easily changed in order to deal with this alternate universe.

Dropping from pillow to pillow, entering and exiting the white cloud of cold smoke being kicked up with each turn, I remembered exactly why people are prone to shaping their entire lives around skiing.  I’m simply glad I had a good friend along to enjoy it all and receive a high five.  My legs are fried, my back feels like an unfolded lawn-chair, and all of my stuff is soaked.  The forecast says 12-18 more inches tonight.  I couldn’t be happier and I will be up with the sun to do it all again.  Pictures and video soon to come.