It has been far, far, far too long since I last checked in, and I wish I could say that I was just a slacker.  Somewhere between the sciences, graduate school applications, and the fall/summer semesters taking over my life, I was unable to write.  I don’t mean that I was physically incapacitated, I just didn’t want to burden anyone with the minutiae of boring school work.  I highly doubt that anyone has vested interest in reading about yet another evening spent buried under a stack of papers in the Marriott Library.

I’ll sum up the last few months since the snow stopped falling and the textbooks began calling:  I have learned a lot.  Here is a brief smattering of what I have managed to garner since I last posted.

1.  I really love milk.  I don’t think I ever drank it when I was a kid unless I was forced to do so.  In an effort to gain weight after the typical ski 10 lb. attrition, I have become a born-againt milk drinker.

2.  Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy a World Series Championship.  To the victors go the spoils.

3.  24-Hour Fitness is not so bad, but the world in general needs a lesson on etiquette in the gym (tips so you don’t look like a complete clown, which you currently do.)

4.  Getting hit by cars flat-out SUCKS.

5.  The only way to feel at home in a new place  is to commit to being there, and go with the flow.

5a.  However it is absolutely essential to bust a geographical move in order to stay on your toes and generally keep yourself sane.

6.  Nothing is more impressive and more humbling than the study of human anatomy.

7.  Taking people at their word is just that.  Actions speak far more loudly, and I am as guilty as anyone.

8.  David Letterman is coated in Teflon.

9.  Dry heat is far more easily dealt with than humidity.

10.  Lacrosse exists out West.  The summer league in the Salt Lake Valley and the Park City team afforded me a lot of fun and friends this summer.  I am never surprised  when lacrosse brings good folks together.

11.  Podcasts are not just the wave of the future, they are the new currency.  Endless possibilities.  So long annoying morning radio DJ!  (A few gems: Adam Carolla, The Scott Van Pelt Show, The Tony Kornheiser Show, This American Life, Destination DIY…)

12.  No matter how deplorable he was in his later years, the world still posthumously loves Michael Jackson.  He made Thriller!

13.  All I need to survive anywhere in the world is one solid friend who is down for anything.

14. The phrase “makes ends meet” refers to two pieces of string.  I always thought it was “make ends meat”, like people who were short of cash could only afford the crappy throw-away parts of meat.  I am 27 and I am just figuring this out?  That is pathetic.

15.  No matter how burnt out the ski season may have left you (as it left me), there is still excitement by the time winter makes its return.

It’s getting cold and the snow is starting to fly.  Glad to be back.  Stay humble – stay hungry!


why do dogs always look demonic when the flash goes off?


breakfast at 10pm


tyson - king for a day


Southern sunset


finn doesn't have bitter-beer-face


SV Jazzfest isn't just for octogenarians