The North Shore as seen from Cody Peak

The North Shore as seen from Cody Peak

Choose between these two options: 1) Relax in Salt Lake City and recover from a week of comp skiing in Crested Butte, or 2) Go to Jackson Hole and test skis for Powder Magazine.  I of course chose the latter and hit the road.img_1735

Powder Magazine is a tight knit family of passionate skiers who take pride in their work.  30 ski manufacturers brought dozens of ski models to be tested and reviewed by the contributors and advertisers of Powder, and I was just lucky enough to tag along.  It snowed about 18 inches while we were there, and when coupled with high winds created some unbelievable conditions.  Thanks to Derek Taylor and all the staff at Powder for letting me be a part of it.  Hiking Four Pines, Pine Dale, Granite, and countless other OB areas at Jackson yield the steep and deep as well as the best feeling of tiredness imaginable.  I’m glad to be back in SLC after a few epic days, but I can’t wait to go back.img_1737