The last few days have been unreal in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Approximately 3 feet of snow has fallen in 3 days, giving way to a crystal clear blue-bird sky.  In addition to the thigh deep fresh, I have been lucky enough to play tour-guide to my great friend Travis around Snowbird.  Travis decided to delay his visit due to the high-pressure system last week and we have both been obsessively watching the radar, waiting for something to change.  The storms lined up, and he drove here to experience Utah first hand.  What a choice time to visit.

It has been so rewarding to take him all around Snowbird.  I have been telling him how much fun and how rowdy it is, a departure from Mt. Bachelor where Travis normally skis.  I’m not knocking the Bend, OR resort, but it is a completely different ball game.  Snowbird offers so much variety in the way of steeps, chutes, cliffs, and lots and lots of snow.  Skiing with T and watching him progress through the learning curve of challenging terrain made it even more fun.  The ‘Bird is a mountain that makes you commit to your decisions.  For example, when staring down a steep chute that is about 50 feet long, you have to decided to lightly ski fast through the middle and scrub all of your speed once you have safely exited and are in an open area.  Once you decide to do this, you can’t bail midway and stop.  You would fall and compound your problems by being stuck in a highly undesirable position or falling down some exposed areas.  No fun for anyone.  But we have all been there, deciding to do something tough and chosen the easier way out at the last second.  This is not really an option.  Commit to your decision and execute is the name of the game when consequences are higher.  That is the lesson that Snowbird teaches those willing to learn.  All who ski here have experienced a bit of baptism by fire a few times by getting spanked when we decide mid-way to do something slower or more conservative.  In the end, the same sentiment is echoed by all who come to Snowbird to ski the steep and deep.  Perhaps Travis put it best, “That wasn’t that hard, it was just scary as shit!  I love this place!”  Well said T, I love this place too.

THIS VIDEO shows a lot of the lines at the ‘Bird, Cody and I shot it last week.

I am off to Jackson Hole for a few days to see some friends and get some shooting in.  See you in a few days Utah, stay classy.

PS great shout out from the MSI boys – thanks!