For those who don’t obsessively check the weather like most check their emails, mostof the western states are slogging their way through a high-pressure system.  These systems generally bring cold weather, sunny skies, and inversions where the higher elevations are much warmer and more pleasant than the lower ones.  They also force the smog of SLC further down and into the lungs of it’s many inhabitants.  The best thing to do is to run for high ground.  

Put simply, it feels like spring time at Snowbird right now.  Sweaty smiling skiers lapping chalky fast Baldy and Silver Fox laps are the common sight these days.  It has been an unexpectedly good thing so far as it has given me a chance to ski fast and build confidence.  Cody and I went and filmed a bunch of POV shots with our V.I.O. cameras thanks to the last few days including some creative follow-cam shots and sketchy back-flips.  We will edit the footage down and post it soon.

Old friends are coming back to town and new ones being made as the tram lines seem to disappear.  It is all quite short-lived as the snow looks to start falling on thursday again.  Cross your fingers.