I am a seasonal person.  Not that I am sad or happy according to what season it is, but rather I am just used to having actual seasons.  Summer is hot and dry. Fall is cold, wet, and kind of gross.  Winter is really cold and really wet, and awesome.  Spring is a combination of all three given the day.  So playing golf in shorts a day after christmas throws me off a bit.  No complaints, but it is a bit odd.

img_1582img_16092San Diego is one of those places that I appreciate more every time I go back.  I used to go as a kid, but never really saw it as more than a beach, and the future site of LegoLand.  Now I get the feeling that I might not make it through life without at least spending a few months living in CA.  Put simply, it doesn’t suck.  The best part of this trip was not the weather, the sunsets, or even the Mexican food.  It was the company.



As if I ever doubted it, it was made quite clear to me that I have great family and friends over these past holiday weeks packed with music and late nights.  I really appreciate all the people I rarely get to see.  My Uncle Larry, Aunt Chris, Cousins Emily, Jody, Chris, John, Robyn, Becca, Talia, Elijah, Annabelle, my sister Julie, and her boy Levi all filled the house in SoCal with love and warmth.  There is something calming about being near the ocean.  I liken it to being near the mountains.  The mountains make you feel small because of their immense size.  The ocean makes you feel small because it is miles and miles of unknown.  It’s almost as if someone flipped the mountains over and covered them in a shiny blue blanket.

Sun Valley was quite a speedy visit but I spent some quality time with many of those who I miss the most from the past 3 years.  Crashing at Tom Bobo & Brae Gove’s house made for an unexpected yet more than accommodating place to stay.  Thanks boys.

Tell your friends and family how much you love them TODAY.