Utah is officially the home on the Nuclear Winter.  I know the term nuclear winter refers to the catastrophic consequences that would follow a nuclear war.  Darkened skies, sub-zero temperatures, essentially unlivable conditions.  (And yes it is pronounced as it is spelled: nu-clee-er, although the official GOP pronunciation is used despite the fact that it is not a word at all).

I am of course using the term more loosely here in reference to the massive amounts of snow that has been dumping in Little Cottonwood Canyon over the last few days.  Darkened skies, sub-zero temperatures – yes.  Unlivable?  Hardly.  Ask any skier which is better, blue skies or socked in storms.  Will those who answered the latter please go to the head of the class.

After a few days of storm-skiing, my legs are warped, my face frostbitten, and my mind at ease.   Steep lines in the trees with a few great friends, frozen faces and screaming calves, and more snow on the horizon have made the first week of this season epic.  Exactly what I need to send me off to San Diego for the holidays, and make me hungry for more all week.  See you in a few days, Utah.  How about a few more feet of snow?