There is almost nothing cool about Provo, UT.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I know some people are fans, but not this guy. 

It lacks all the good things about Utah and still manages to maintain all of this state’s short-comings.  It is cold and dreary in the winter, hot in the summer, has nothing close to the skiing that Salt Lake City affords, and it is completely repressed and over-run by BYU and it’s sole funder, the Mormon Church.  Not bad people for the most part, don’t get me wrong, but not exactly a bunch of party animals.


Despite all these factors, I managed to have one of the most fun and satisfying evenings I have had since I moved to Utah in Provo of all places.  An evening of consequence free back-flips and tested equilibrium was in store at the Power Tumbling gymnasium.  Four friends split the gas to make the 40 minute drive and spent nearly two hours jumping on olympic-grade trampolines and diving into deep foam pits from 20 feet in the air.  The consequences of trying your first back or front flip on skis can deter many from ever getting that thrill.  The alternative is to practice your rotation and gain some much needed “arial awareness” on the trampolines so that it looks like a walk in the park when time comes to execute it on skis.




img_1498The vibe can best be described as a bunch of “grown-up” men having a ball like they were all 8 years old, shivering in line at the public pool high-dive waiting to try and impress their friends.  It progresses as the evening goes along, starting with everyone just getting comfortable with the feeling of being thrown around like a rag doll.  Eventually, everyone gets comfortable with the freedom from gravity and started to experiment – flat spins, rodeos & misty flips (back and front flips mixed with 360 and 720 rotations), and even the “fling my body and see what happens” trick were all in the mix.  We all left feeling sore, sweaty, happy, and with dust from the foam in every crevice.  

If you are looking for a way to get those tricks down in the park or just searching for a creative way to blow off some steam, call your local gymnastics area and ask when they have “open gym”.  It’s well worth the $6.