mmmm...portland, OR.

Where have you been all this time?  I don’t mean to say to you, World, that you havn’t been keeping up your end of the friendship.  Perhaps its my fault we havn’t talked in so long.  I mean you have been working hard and accomplishing great things while I have been doing…what? Moving…again?  Jumping off stuff?


Put your name in place of “World” and that sums up half of the conversations I have been having lately. Instead of going hoarse trying to trace my path to where I currently am (or God forbid where I am going) I decided to beam those answers out to you, World.

The plus side of always being on the move and living out of a suitcase half of the year is simple: the people along the way.  I sit back and marvel at the caliber of friendships I have been lucky enough to have thus far. The downside? I can only see some of them once a year, if at all!  While this blog/website is no substitute for actually being in contact with all the people I miss in all the places I love, it’s a start.

…I know, I know. It truly is my fault that we havn’t talked in forever.  But I want to put a stop to that today!  So anytime you are wondering, “Hmm, I wonder what that spazzy little guy is doing right now, and did he put his foot in his mouth today?”, feel free to check in and take a read.  Soon to be full of words, images and videos of an attempt to live the dream…